Advertiser Disclosure

eFinancing Solutions’ mission is to make the online loan market more transparent and accessible for consumers who are looking for the best possible loan conditions.

However, when promoting transparency in the loan market, we are also obliged to be transparent about how we operate as a business.

eFinancing Solutions is an online comparison engine, providing financial solutions for you and your individual needs. We strive to provide the best financial products to consumers. When submitting a loan request to eFinancing Solutions, you will be presented with a list of eligible loan offers. All of the pre-qualified loan offers will include information about minimum and maximum loan amounts, estimated interest rates, terms and other related costs including estimated monthly payments.

eFinancing Solutions loan request service is 100% free of charge. This means that you are not being charged any additional fees when requesting a loan through eFinancing Solutions website. Instead, eFinancing Solutions may receive a fee or commission for submitting your data to its lending partners. You can rest easy knowing it is not more expensive to take a loan using eFinancing Solutions service compared to requesting a loan directly through the one of our lender’s website.

eFinancing Solutions is not involved in the loan agreement between lender and borrower and can therefore not be held responsible for any conflict that might occur. If you experience any kind of problem with a lender, all questions and complaints regarding this should be directed and handled by the lender with whom you are having issues.

At eFinancing Solutions, we take processing of your data very seriously, so you can be sure that we comply with personal data legislation. eFinancing Solutions only collects relevant and necessary personal data and only for specific purposes. You can read more about how we ensure fair and transparent processing of personal data in our Privacy Policy.